Screaming, kicking and more screaming (and kicking)

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Okay, someone’s gonna get hurt here

Five days until I e-publish CHALK VALLEY, I suppose I should get this blog up and running.  Here’s my first official post.

Most significant things I’ve achieved in my life have involved me kicking and screaming.

Being born, first of all.  That worked out okay.

Getting married and having kids – four of them (kids, not wives).  Best thing I ever did. 

Going into a business career after studying heavy sciences for years.  Twenty-five years later with a great company and I’m still having fun.

Taekwondo.  Kicking and screaming is pretty much mandatory there.  I took it as far as earming my second degree black belt.  I’m not sure how many bad guys I can take on but I can scare the crap out of most wooden boards.

Writing.  I mean seriously writing, like novel-length works.  It’s a painful process, not a natural one at all, at least for me, but I’ve done it, twice, and I think they’re pretty damned good.

Getting an agent.  Okay, writing is one thing, you’re on your own, little risk except your time and social life.  But putting yourself out there in public, opening yourself to formal and official rejection, that’s reality.  Reality can be scary.  Having said that, it worked out well – I secured a terrific agent who loved my book.

Trying to get published – that was easy.  No issues.  No kicking.  No screaming.  Also no publishing contract.  I’ll blog about that later.

Going the e-publishing route.  This is not something I set out to do.  It’s not easy by any means – not if you want to do it right.  I’ll blog about that later too, for now, take my word for it – it’s a royal bitch.  And thank God I’m doing it.  Because the alternative is worse.

Blogging. I am not by nature a “sharer”.  I hate to share food.  Hate it.  That’s the result of growing up with four siblings.  Same goes for sharing my life – as a writer, I tend to reach inwards more naturally than outwards.  I write, which is sharing if you actually publish.  I’m a father and a husband, which is ALL about sharing.  But blogging ?  Not a natural skill. Yet here I go, kicking and screaming my way into it.

That’s the thing I’ve realized with kicking and screaming, though.  It can actually signal good things to come

  1. Hopefully the kicking and screaming that come with the actual publishing will be of the happy kind – sort of like the Snoopy Dance you might do/have done with your 4 kids! Congratulations on Chalk Valley. I’m excited to see this one find its way onto the Kindle shelves. I’ve seen a lot of authors do really well taking the exact same route you are. May you also find what they have.

    Great looking site, btw.


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