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Me? Okay, how cool is that?  Thanks to one of my favourite book bloggers for this great recognition. And thanks to all of you who keep reading and supporting me. Writing’s a tough business, and you need all the friends and recognition you can get! 


Indie Author of the Month: D. L. Johnstone

Who is D. L. Johnstone?


D.L. Johnstone is the Number #1 Amazon Bestselling author of the thrillers Chalk Valley and Furies. Johnstone currently lives in the Toronto area with his wife, four kids and a half-dog / half-sasquatch named Charlie. 

Books by D. L. Johnstone

Johnstone has written and published two novels, within the thriller genre.


Chalk Valley

In a remote mountain valley in British Columbia, a human monster preys on innocent lives. 

After teenagers discover the body of a missing girl in Chalk Valley, searchers find the remains of two more victims secreted deep in the woods. A serial killer is at work. 

Chalk Valley police detective John McCarty is picked to lead a task force to find the murderer but inexperience, politics and McCarty’s own inner demons quickly overwhelm him and the investigation falters. 

Meanwhile, on a dark, lonely highway many miles from Chalk Valley, RCMP Sergeant Dave Kreaver comes across a van crashed at the side of the road. The driver is anxious to leave the scene but Kreaver discovers an unconscious teenaged girl in the van. Kreaver feels in his gut that the driver could be the serial killer everyone’s looking for, but his inquiries are ignored. The task force is in well over its head, buried by thousands of leads and potential suspects. His supervisors tell him to back off and let the task force do its job. 

Kreaver is in a deadly cat and mouse game with a murderous psychopath, a race against time with innocent victims in play. Operating alone and without official sanction, can he stop the Chalk Valley Killer before he claims more lives?


Furies: An Ancient Alexandrian Thrillers
It’s 36 AD. The city of Alexandria is a center of Roman commerce–and a sinful playground for the pleasure-seeking rich and powerful. 

For wealthy merchant Decimus Tarquitius Aculeo, however, Alexandria has become a living hell. Ruined by a string of mysterious investment disasters, deserted by friends and family, his reputation in tatters, Aculeo is forced to eke out a meagre existence in the poorest, back streets of the city. He’s desperate to find the man he blames for the debacle and recover what he’s lost. 

Aculeo’s quest forces him deep into treacherous, unfamiliar territory, Alexandria’s criminal underworld. And entangles him in a web of corruption, conspiracy and murder.

A common slave is found murdered in the magnificent temple of the god Serapis. Days later, the brutalized body of a high-priced hetaira is discovered floating in a canal, after an evening entertaining the city’s elite. The grim truth soon becomes clear: a ruthless killer is moving among Alexandria’s aristocrats, commercial titans, and philosophers. 

And ominous clues connect those murders to Aculeo’s quest, with disturbing revelations about his own past.

Aided by an Egyptian mortuary attendant, a brilliant philosopher, a lovely hetaira, and his last remaining friends, Aculeo must hunt down a terrifying murderer in the highest echelons of society if he hopes to reclaim the life he has lost.

But first, he must survive…

Has Verdict reviewed any of his work?
“D.L. Johnstone impresses with his tantalising and absorbing debut; a great thriller that is easily read in one sitting…Chalk Valley is a solid debut from a talented author. From a lover of the crime and thriller genres, I have read my fair share and this offers something refreshing and new. The complexity of Police investigations and the characterisation are the stand-out features. This isn’t a whodunnit; we already know. It is the chase, the mind-games, the thrill which drives it and I for one loved it! Johnstone, you have a fan! A 4 Star review.” To read the full review by Verdict, click HERE.

Why does Verdict recommend D. L. Johnstone?

‘Indie Author of the Month’ is a monthly feature hosted by Verdict Book Reviews that puts the spotlight on an up and coming new talent in the indie author and self-publishing world. 

I’d been reviewing indie books for a while and the majority lived up to the reputation; ‘indie novels are of poor quality’. This is mainly due to the amount that are on the market. Johnstones debut novel Chalk Valley was like a needle in a haystack. The moment I read it, I knew this was a book and more importantly an author who could cut it on the mainstream market. Why? Johnstone has all the elements to make a successful career; well researched, clever and gripping story-lines, combined with great execution in the writing. The mouse-cat-dog chase thrills from start to finish; Johnstone has proved he can rival the best in the genre. 

I’m very much looking forward to reading his latest release, Furies, next month. I can only hope Johnstone continues to live up to his solid reputation.

Where can I find out more?
You can find more information on D. L. Johnstone and his work via:
D. L. Johnstone Website


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