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I’m delighted to announce that CHALK VALLEY and FURIES are now available in paperback via the wizards at Amazon’s Create Space.





Basic CMYK


I held off taking this leap for quite a long time. Ebooks are the way of the future, I thought, why even bother with printing physical books?

Three reasons. Well, four actually.

1) Ebooks represent ~25% of the book market at the present time, and the market share is growing at double digits. But physical books still make up 3/4 of the book market. Being present and available just makes good business sense.

2) It’s relatively easy and accessible, at minimal investment. There was the cost of formatting (by my amazing formatter Linda “Boss” Boulanger), the cost of expanding my cover art to include a spine and back cover (by my equally amazing cover artist Jeroen ten Berge), and that’s about it. Create Space has a very easy process to follow in setting things up. Yo ucan use their formatters etc, for which there is a charge, but using your own people works just fine assuming they know what they’re doing.

3) Promotion. You can promote giveaways on Goodreads with physical books, which I kicked off yesterday. It works amazingly well – hundreds and hundreds of people have already entered to win one of two copies, giving both books great exposure to new audiences with minimal investment. I can also order books at cost to provide reviewers (and family) with copies.

4) My mom told me to. And once again, she was right. It was one of the happiest moments in my life to hand her signed copies of both books this week. The fact that I did so while she was in a hospital bed after a week of hell from which she almost didn’t make it – words fail me for a change.

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