Chalk Valley – Reviews

On Book Reviews by Elizabeth A. White – Rating 5 Stars

Chalk Valley presents a balance of action, police technique, and character development that is incredibly rare to find period, and damn near unheard of in a debut. The year’s not over quite yet, but I highly expect Chalk Valley to be among the books making a strong play for a spot on my Top 10 Reads of 2012 list when January 1st rolls around.”


On My Little Book Space – Rating 5 Stars

“Chalk Valley is probably one of the best crime novels I have read in a very long time.”


 On Verdict Book Reviews – Rating 4 Stars

“D.L. Johnstone impresses with his tantalising and absorbing  debut; a great thriller that is easily read in one sitting.”


On Bibiliophilic Book Blog – Rating 4 Stars

“Mr. Johnstone is devilishly creative and has done extensive research to create the terrifyingly macabre and realistic story. Definitely keep the lights on when reading ‘Chalk Valley’!!”


On Bookluvrs Haven – Rating 4 Stars

“The writer was amazing with the character development and suspense building…The story was raw and gritty from all angles, and a truly intense read. So if you are into these types of thrillers, you need to give this novel a chance. ” 

On Mysteries in Paradise – Rating 4.3 Stars

“…I particularly liked the characterisation, the occasional touches of irony, and real human interest that surfaced.”


On Crime Segments – Rating 4 Stars

“…There is definitely a lot of action and tension which would make thriller-oriented readers happy; there’s a great villain for readers of serial-killer novels.”


On Going Out on a Limb – Rating 4 Stars

“…Chalk Valley was a captivating read that had me hooked almost immediately.”


On Book Reviews by Dee – Rating 4 Stars

“This was a chilling read … I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good police/serial killer suspense story.  This book has some gruesome and disturbing parts, but it’s a fast-paced and action-packed enjoyable book.”


“An exceptional book and a damned good read!” Bev Petersen – Amazon

“I loved this action-packed book!” Colors – Amazon

“Terrific and engrossing … This book is far above many of the Kindle offerings we are enticed to dowonload.” An interesting life – Amazon

“Wow!! What a thrill ride!”V. Gorton – Amazon

“Don’t start reading unless you’re ready to not put it down! – Bob A. – Amazon

“DL Johnstone is the new John Grisham! Chalk Valley is a well written, fast tempo thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, balancing strong character development with the pace of the action.  It’s a page turner!” – Martin Cho – Amazon

“CHALK VALLEY captures the essence of the ‘serial murder’ investigation through a combination of police techniques and behavioural sciences …  Johnstone did an excellent job in portraying this from both the killer’s and police point of view.” – Detective Staff Sergeant Richard Pellarin, OPP Behavioural Sciences Section

“Everyone’s worst nightmare. If Chalk Valley was a film, I’d be covering my eyes to avoid the next scary scene… a variety of strong, believable characters, high suspense with twists and turns in a plot of incredibly well researched forensic police work.”  – Donna Spafford – Amazon

“The book captured me from the beginning and took me on a suspense-filled journey to the last page. The chilling realism of the story made you believe you were privy to a case that could have been ripped from the headlines.” – Jayne Fenside – Amazon

 “This is a tragic story on many levels. Not only because of the work of a serial killer but also because of the personal lives of all the people involved!” Joann Brown – Goodreads

“The characters came to life and when I finished the book I had to check to make sure it was fiction!” Rebecca – Goodreads

“Gripping story, great characters!!! Really enjoyable read which I could not put down once I started it!” Su Larcomb – Goodreads

 “Great read. Kept me engaged throughout the book.” – Anna – Amazon


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