FURIES – Reviews

“Johnstone strategically mixes historical fiction and an incredible thriller to deliver a very unique tale of murder and mystery.”



“This is probably one of the most intriguing historical crime thrillers I have ever had the pleasure of reading.”



“I loved this book. The history was fascinating and well researched, the characters were engaging and often funny, the plot was intricate and well crafted.” Crime Squad


“This book has everything. From murder to love to deceit, even desperation, Furies  makes your head reel from the very beginning.” I Read A Book Once


“This is an intelligently written thriller which comes across has having been very well researched … It was a complex plot but kept my attention throughout and had an unforeseen conclusion. I would also like to mention how impeccably formatted the book was. This is the benchmark which all e-books should look to emulate.” Crime Pieces


“Alexandria is brought to life at all levels of society, and we follow Aculeo through his quest to find various truths, intersecting with a wide supporting cast, and with some surprising twists along the way” – In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel


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