FURIES – Now Published !

The best-selling author of the riveting crime thriller CHALK VALLEY

returns with another gripping tale of criminal evil.    



Amazon.co.uk http://goo.gl/kkbnA

…set in the decadent days of the ancient Roman Empire.

It’s 36 CE. The city of Alexandria is a center of Roman commerce—and a sinful playground for the pleasure-seeking rich and powerful.

For wealthy merchant Tarquitius Aculeo, however, Alexandria has become hell. Ruined by a string of mysterious investment disasters, abandoned by friends and family, Aculeo is desperate to recover his wealth and status.

But his search for the reasons behind his downfall draws him into a web of violence.

A common slave is found murdered in the magnificent temple of the god Serapis. Days later, the brutalized body of a high-priced hetaira is discovered floating in a canal, after an evening entertaining the city’s elite. The grim truth soon becomes clear: A ruthless killer is moving among Alexandria’s aristocrats, commercial titans, and philosophers.

And ominous clues begin to connect those murders to Aculeo’s own personal quest.

Aided by an Egyptian mortuary attendant, a brilliant philosopher, a lovely hetaira, and his last remaining friends, Aculeo must unmask and stop a deadly murderer if he is ever to reclaim the life he has lost.

But first, he must survive…

Meticulously researched and expertly crafted, FURIES is a highly original crime thriller that transports you into an ancient, exotic world. It weaves threads of exquisite beauty and base brutality, phenomenal wealth and degrading poverty, clashing philosophies and colorful mythologies, into an unforgettable fabric of this lost golden age.  And it confirms D.L. Johnstone’s status as one of today’s most imaginative new thriller authors.

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